Poster Requirements

 Rules for requesting a poster

1. Please be patient and do not rush our designers, they have other responsibilities next to making posters. Any form of bashing will be punished by deleting your request.

2. Send in pictures or images that you want to be made into a poster (preferably high quality or the poster will not turn out well either). A maximum of 10 characters, bands are exceptional [meaning one band = one character].

3. If you have already requested a poster from us, please do not request another one unless it’s for a different story.

4. If you delete your story, please contact us as soon as possible to cancel your request. It will save us a lot of time!

5. You must credit Eequ and the designer for the graphic somewhere in your story.

6. Use a valid E-mail or we will not be able to contact you and your request will be deleted without notice.

7. If you’ve read the rules, then please after filling out the form, e-mail it to

Include the following

-Author name:
-Title of story:
-Link to story:
-Do you want a background or not?:
-Mood/theme/color of preference:
-Anything else?:

If you don’t meet the requirements, your request will not be accepted.

Graphic designers



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