Chapter 10

Chapter 10

I remained hesitating on the sofa, unable to decide whether I should ignore the girl or walk into the room and help her.

The bed creaked as she moved, “Ow! That hurt…” She grumbled before the bed creaked a little bit more, “Owwww!”

What an idiot.

I got up from the sofa and headed towards the room, just in time to see her land on the floor.

I winced at the sight, “What’s wrong with you? Just stay on the bed.”

She stopped groaning in pain and flinched at the sound of my voice before whipping her head towards me and then blinking her eyes in dizziness due to the sudden movement.

I had been curious about it since I hadn’t seen her eyes until now… They were a light shade of brown and instantly reminded me of honey.

“YOU!!” She shouted, scrambled up on her feet again and then backed herself against the wall behind her.

I raised my eyebrows, “Do you know me?”

“No,” She answered, “Who are you?!”

I sighed, “You really must’ve hit your head badly.”

“Why did you bring me here? If you want money, you’re not getting it!” She had a tough tone but was stammering slightly. Besides it was hard to miss the tears of fear glistening in her eyes.

“Look, I think you’ve mistaken something. I’m not the one who…” I tried to explain but stopped speaking when she suddenly held onto her head, squirming in pain.

“It hurts…” She said, sliding down against the wall.

I looked around me, unsure of what I was meant to do. By the time I looked at her again, she had passed out again.

“Are you for real?” I grunted to myself in frustration as I walked towards her and squatted down. “Woman…” I tapped her.

She didn’t respond. Sighing, I picked her up in my arms and stood up again. The pressure increased in my legs, staining my bandage more and more in crimson red. I placed her back on the bed and slumped down on the floor beside her in exhaustion. The blood loss was wearing me out.

Soon I gave in and fell asleep too.

I groaned as I blinked my eyes open again a while later. Something was causing me great discomfort.

Pain was shooting up from my injured leg. I leaned forwards slightly to look at it, trying to make sense of what I was seeing.

One, two, three, four… I counted the number of legs on my body. I couldn’t remember hitting my head too. Why am I seeing in double?

Then I realised one of the legs that was entwined with mine wasn’t my own. I quickly sat up and stared at the girl who was lying next to me.



Completely flustered, I didn’t know how to respond in such a situation. So it automatically led to irritation and anger instead. I had never been this close to a girl before.

I tried to move, but my leg had gone numb. She had put so much pressure on it that I couldn’t even feel it anymore.

“This is just perfect…” I hissed, glaring at her. She was peacefully sleeping, like nothing had happened. She must’ve fallen off the bed again… and landed on me.

“I will destroy…mhhh…” She suddenly mumbled, “…you.”

“What?” I turned to look at her, wondering if she was actually awake.

She continued to mumble something unintelligible.

Curiously, I moved closer to her in attempt to hear her words more clearly. Just when my face had stopped a few inches away from hers, she opened her eyes and stared at me.

I stared back at her, frozen in a slight sense of panic.

Her eyes darkened.

A misunderstanding…

She didn’t utter a word as she shoved me aside and got up from the floor before silently heading straight towards the door.

“Oi! Where are you going?!” I shouted, confused.

I hurriedly pulled myself up by holding onto the bed and staggered after her with my numb leg. As soon as I caught up with her, I tripped and grabbed hold of her shoulder accidently.

Suddenly she grabbed me by my arm and sent me over her shoulder in a back-throw. I landed on my back with a loud THUD.

I coughed as the air momentarily escaped my lungs and stared up at her in astonishment.

“I’m not that kind of girl.” Her voice was so quiet and unsteady that it was easy to tell that she could break down in tears any moment now.

I remained speechless. I didn’t know whether I should react to her insane misunderstanding or how she just totally caught me off guard. I didn’t see that coming from such a fragile looking girl.

It was kind of humiliating.

“Looks like you’re awake!” I heard Rin’s voice.

I sat up again and looked around. Rin was sitting on the sofa, watching TV. I hadn’t noticed that the TV was on.

“When did you get back?!” I was annoyed.

“You two looked so cosy together, I didn’t want to disturb.” She grinned, flicking back her long purple tinted black hair.

“RIN!” I hissed.

“Let me go home!” The light brown eyed girl requested, “I don’t know what grudge you hold against my family but you won’t solve anything by kidnapping me!”

“A grudge? On your family?” Rin raised an eyebrow, “What?”

“You said it while you had me all tied up in the car!” She glowered at me.

“I did?”

She continued to glare at me, like it would intimidate me or something. I found it amusing but suddenly laughing in this situation wouldn’t help my case.

I guessed it was that guy who ended up getting his arm severely slashed in the car accident. They must’ve kidnapped her due to a strong resentment towards this girl and her family.

Rin sighed, “Your family must be rich and prestigious, am I right?”

The girl frowned.

“It’s always those kind of stuck up families that earn hatred from the ones around them,” Rin shook her head, “If I were you I’d be keeping a close eye on those who are closest to you.”

“Closest to me?” She blinked in confusion, too slow to understand what Rin was trying to tell her. “Is this some kind of manipulation tactic? First you kidnap me and then warn me about other people?!”

“Can you stop jumping to conclusions?!” I snapped.

“Shut up Kentaro, let her be.” Rin waved her hand and smirked, “You kidnapper.”

I glared at her.

“Anyway, I think you should run home before this beast tries to do something to you again.” Rin said to her whilst holding back her laughter.

The girl frowned at me accordingly.

I wouldn’t be surprised if her eyebrows suddenly fell off from all the constant frowning.

But it surprised me that I didn’t want this girl to misunderstand me. Usually I wouldn’t care. Yet I felt an urge to explain to her that I wasn’t the bad guy, but I didn’t want to seem like it bothered me. Definitely not in front of Rin… she’d make a big deal out of it and never let it go.

When the girl looked out of the window and noticed that the sun had already risen into the sky, she panicked.

“Thank you!” The girl bowed hurriedly to Rin, like she was her saviour. This must be the first girl in the world who thanked the apparent ‘kidnapper number 1’ for warning her about ‘kidnapper number 2’.

Even Rin was puzzled, “Uh… No problem kid, anytime.”

“And you…You’ll go to hell.” She bowed at me too.

Rin burst out laughing.

“Thanks.” I responded, wondering why you would bow whilst cursing someone.

I guessed she was majorly confused right now.

Suddenly she turned around, about to flee towards the front door.

Without realising it, I reached out and grabbed her by the arm. Something fell out of her pocket but I didn’t take note of what it was. I was too taken aback at my own actions.

What am I doing?

“Kentaro…?” Rin asked cautiously.

I let go of her as fast as I had held onto her. She was looking at me with her wide honey-like eyes… like I was a monster.

I wanted to know her name… I didn’t know anything about her except that she was in danger. She needed protection from those guys, although it should be none of my business.

Somehow, I wanted to help. But she was gone before I could say anything else.

I looked down on the floor and found what she had dropped.

A five Yen coin…


I tightly gripped onto the small metal pendant that was hanging from my neck as I remembered what had happened after Ayano had left on that day, leaving behind nothing but this coin.

I wouldn’t have let her go… not if I had known she was going to call the cops on me.

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