Chapter 9

Chapter 9

I was leaning against a broken wall at the hangout area when my phone suddenly started to ring in my pocket. I took it out and saw Ryouta’s name on the display.

Ignoring it, I switched my phone off and shoved it back into my pocket. I was already confused about everything that had happened and if I told Ryouta about it now he’d probably confuse me even more.

I leaned back against the wall and thought back about the past that I still remembered.


I was skipping school as usual and was involved in another street fight with the bigger guys. Ryouta and I were often the youngest but in strength we weren’t easily beaten.
On that day, Ryouta wasn’t with me because he was away in his home town with his older sister. They were meant to return late that night, but I wasn’t willing to put off the fight we had been challenged to just because he was absent.

Things turned around when a passerby had reported the fight to the police. As soon as the cops arrived, it was up to each of us to escape on our own. I knew I couldn’t depend on anyone there to help me get away.

While I was running, I spotted a motorbike at the side of the road. It was unguarded and the key was still on the bike. It was as if the owner was inviting me to take the bike… I couldn’t have been blamed for hijacking it.

But still, luck wasn’t on my side. The cops were trailing close behind me and it was getting more than difficult to slip away from them. I raced through the busy roads and sensed a threatening traffic jam approaching. If I didn’t think of something fast, I would get caught. So I did the first thing that came to my mind.

As soon as I managed to create some distance between me and the cops, I turned around a corner in order to make it difficult for them to see what I was doing.

I jumped off the bike and dumped it behind a nearby garbage container before running towards the closest car, which was about to drive off as soon as the traffic lights turned green.

It was a black car with tinted black windows.

I managed to reach it before it drove off, opened the passenger door and leaped into the car. I had expected the car to stop as soon as I jumped into it, but it didn’t. In fact, the driver hit the accelerator even harder.

That’s when I noticed that something cold and hard was pressing against my head.

I slowly turned my head around, only to be greeted by the hollow barrel of a metallic handgun.

“Who are you?” the guy who was holding the gun asked, putting more pressure onto the trigger. He was wearing dark clothes and a black balaclava, just like the driver was. But what shocked me the most wasn’t the strange clothes or even the gun pointing at my head. It was the tied up girl, struggling in the grip of the guy beside me.

Her eyes were covered with a black piece of cloth tied around her head, her hands were tied up with ropes and her mouth was forced shut with tape… although that didn’t stop her from screaming.

“Just someone…” I shrugged, “I’ll get off at the next stop, thanks.” I answered nonchalantly. I wasn’t in favour of what was going on, but I had no interest whatsoever in getting involved in this problem. I was already currently trying to escape from the cops and from hearing the police car alarm behind us, I could tell they had seen me get into this car. No wonder that the driver had started to race faster.

But this wasn’t good at all… If I got caught now, I was likely to get involved with these kidnappers. I had no clue what they were intending to do with that girl, not that I could care less for her, but I wasn’t willing to end up in jail with these guys.

“Drive faster!!” The guy with the gun shouted out my exact thoughts.

“Alf mfmfmph KILLF YOU!!” the girl continued to squirm about, wiggling all over the place to get away from the guy, “Mfmfmf!!”

“Shut up woman!” the guy grunted in irritation, “I can’t understand what you’re saying anyway!”


Soon we were in a complete car chase. The cop car was close behind us as we sped through the streets. Soon we reached a roundabout and managed to lose the police, but the driver lost his footing and the car lost balance. It toppled over and skidded across the road, eventually sending us flying through a metal fence and onto a hilly grass field.

My head was throbbing from all the painful jolts and I noticed that my leg was heavily bleeding as I tried to pull myself out of the crumpled car. I kicked the door next to me open with my other leg and climbed out of it. I couldn’t tell where the driver was but the guy who had the gun and the girl were still in the car, although both of them seemed to be unconscious.

At first, I started to walk away from the scene, wanting to get away from there as fast as possible before the police found the crashed car. But the thought of that girl kept bugging me from the back of my mind.

“Ugh…” I groaned and turned around, limping back towards the car. I shoved the guy in the balaclava aside and reached for the girl. She was injured all over, but most of the blood was coming from her head. As I pulled her out of the car, I noticed that the guy had been injured pretty badly as well.

The inner side of his forearm had been slashed by broken glass. It looked like an upside down “Y” had been engraved into his arm… and it looked painful.

“Serves him right,” I thought as I shrugged it off and pulled the unconscious girl in my arms. It was convenient that we were already close to home, but I couldn’t dare to bring her to my own place. Mom would murder me.

So I took her to Ryouta’s place instead. It was already starting to get late, so he and his sister should be arriving soon. Maybe they could figure out what to do with the girl.

As soon as I arrived at his house, I pulled the keys out, which I knew were hidden under the doormat. They obviously hadn’t returned yet.

I opened the door, carried the girl to –Ryouta’s sister –Rin’s bedroom and threw her onto her bed.

“Rin is going to kill me…” I muttered, knowing she would beat me up with her hair comb as soon as she found a bleeding girl staining her bed.

I turned around but stopped, sighing. I did know that I had to do something about her head injury.

I turned to the girl again and stared at her, not knowing what to do. She looked like she was my age. So did that guy in the balaclava… I wondered if he had gotten away yet.

I leaned down and removed the ropes, black cloth and tape from her. I pushed her brown wavy hair out of her face to take a better look and found myself staring at her for longer than I had intended.

Shaking my head, I walked towards the cupboard where Rin always kept the first aid kit and medicine that she used almost daily on me and Ryouta. I took it out and attempted my best on treating the girl.


I jumped on the spot, nearly dying of a heart attack. I whipped around and saw Rin standing behind me with her hands on her hips and eyes looking like they were on fire.

“I can explain!!” I held my hands out in front of me in surrender.

“What are you doing to that girl?! Who is she and WHAT is she doing on my bed?!” Rin yelled, whacking me hard on the head.

“Rin!!” I shouted back, “I said I can ex-“

“Damn…so much blood! Move out of the way!” She shoved me aside and took the first aid tools from my hand. Rin was a training doctor, which was convenient for me and Ryouta who always came home with broken bones and injuries. But usually Rin would give us even more injures before actually treating us. But she was still better than mom… She would have us killed on the spot.

“Um…” I tried to say something, but turned away as soon as Rin started to unbutton the girl’s clothes in order to check for any other serious injuries.

“Go and take a shower, I’ll treat your leg next.” Rin said, without looking away from the girl.

I nodded and hurried out of the room awkwardly.

By the time I came out of the shower, Rin had already finished with her. I glanced into the room and saw that she was already completely bandaged and was dressed in Rin’s clothes.

Suddenly, Rin’s arm locked around my neck from behind and dragged me into the living room.

“Argk!” I struggled to breath in her tight grip. She shoved me onto the sofa and hastily pulled my leg up onto her lap, “OW!!”

“Shut up, who told you to go running around town, creating so much trouble?” Rin huffed as she applied medicine on the injury, “So…? How did this happen?”

I shrugged, “I was running from the cops and somehow got involved with these kidnappers. The car crashed while we were trying to get away from the police…”

“So you decided to help the girl?” Rin blinked, “Who would’ve known our Kentaro could be this considerate once in a while too!”

I rolled my eyes, ignoring her mocking statement.

“Oh yeah… where’s Ryouta?” I asked, realising that I hadn’t seen him yet.

“As soon as we got off the train he ran off to find you,” Rin answered, “He’s probably looking all over for you at your hangout place right about now.”

I laughed inwardly at Ryouta.

As soon as Rin finished wrapping me almost identical to a mummy, she walked towards the front door, “I ran out of painkillers, I should get some before the girl wakes. I can trust you to look after her while I’m gone right?”

She gave me a suspicious look.

I shrugged, “I’m injured too you know.”

She shook her head and left, sighing.

I remained in the living room, leaving the girl in Rin’s room all by herself.

“W-where am I…” I heard a soft voice mumble from Rin’s room, making me sit up stiffly on the sofa.

Damn it, did she wake already? What do I do?

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