Chapter 18

It had only been ten minutes since we had brought the kidnapper to Rin and he was already more than willing to tell us everything he knew. If he had decided to do so earlier, he would have at least been able to avoid that huge bleeding gash on his eyebrow and that black eye. Rin had whacked him with her hair straightener that she was still using when we arrived, but it broke and she got even more violent. I guessed it was her favourite.

“Finally,” Rin huffed, “Now spill it.”

“W-ell… I have no relation to anyone involved in that incident. It was the other guy who planned it all; I was just hired for the job. He had a huge grudge on that girl. He kept saying something about her family ruining his life.” The guy winced in pain now and then.

I frowned. How did Ayano’s family ruin that guy’s life?

“Do you know their names?”

He nodded, “The girl was called Ayano and the guy…”

I glared at him as he hesitated. He looked at Rin and swallowed before he continued, “He told me he’d find me and kill me if I mentioned his name anywhere…”

“If you don’t tell us you’ll end up killed by us instead.” Ryouta threatened, getting tired.

Rin bent down to pick up her broken hair straightener from the floor, making him panic.

“No no! Wait, I’ll tell you!” He shouted, “His name was Akira! Akira Tsuji.”

Me and Ryouta widened our eyes as we looked at each other.

“It was AKIRA?!” Ryouta exclaimed in shock. “Woah, I wasn’t expecting that.”

“What… Did I miss something? Who’s Akira?” Rin asked, clueless.

I shook my head,” I’ll explain later Rin.”

I really hadn’t expected it to be Akira… because back then he wasn’t even part of the Yakuza. He was still meant to be friends with Ayano, so why would he want to harm her?

“Do you know what he was intending to do with her?” I asked.

“He was going to beat her up… and possibly throw acid at her face.” He answered, already giving up with the resisting or hesitating.

Ryouta raised an eyebrow. “That jerk was a psycho right from the beginning…”

I clenched my fist, unable to imagine what would’ve happened to Ayano if I hadn’t decided to intervene and take her with me at that time.

This time the kidnapper continued to give us information without even being asked anything.

“That guy, Akira, he said he had a dream. It was something he had always wanted and he almost reached success after years of struggling… if it hadn’t been for the girl’s family. They manipulated his parents into taking away what he wanted and giving him what he didn’t want. He eventually formed a grudge on them that was big enough to want to kill what was most important to them… their daughter.” He sighed.

We remained silent for a few seconds, allowing the information to add up together and make sense.

Then I looked down at him, narrowing my eyes, “You know too much about Akira’s past to only be his hired partner. Who are you?” I grabbed hold of his hair and pulled his head back.

He winced and cursed the harder I pulled, “Argh! I-I’m sorry! I lied! I wasn’t hired…”

We waited.

“I’m a distant relative of his. We used to train at the same martial arts dojo back then, but I’m really not in contact with him anymore. He suddenly disappeared not long after that incident.” He relaxed as soon as I let him go.

I stepped back. That was enough; I had to see Akira again.

“Keep him here,” I told Rin and Ryouta before grabbing my jacket and heading out of the door again.

Rin grunted in irritation, “You better hurry up you brat, this dude is stinking up my whole place!”

“I will!” I shouted before disappeared through the door.

I told myself I wouldn’t see that man ever again… the guy who was apparently my father, Oshiro.

But he was probably the only one who could locate and bring Akira in front of me. It wasn’t easy to find him otherwise… it would take at least a couple of days and by that time he’ll be elsewhere again.

As soon as I reached my bike, two black cars screeched to a halt right in front of me.

A man in black stepped out of the driver’s seat and opened the passenger door. Oshiro stepped out of the car.

I blinked, confused.

“Looks like I made it just in time.” Oshiro smiled, “Where were you heading so hurriedly?”

I didn’t answer him.

Whether it was a coincident or not, it was convenient that he turned up here himself. It saved me some pride. I didn’t really care about what business he had here so I went straight to the point.

“Where is Akira? I need to see him.”

“Hmm… Akira huh,” Oshiro mused, “What do you need him for?”

“That’s none of your business.” I snapped. “Just tell me.”

“If you’re looking to start any unnecessary brawls with him, then I can’t abide to that son. I ordered Akira to stay away from you for the time being… he isn’t exactly very fond of you at the moment despite your relationship with me.” He slid his hands into the pockets of his white suit.

Frustrated, I glared at him. “I already told you, I never accepted having any relation to you. And if he gives me no reason to fight, I won’t.”

Oshiro sighed, “Fine, but first… come with me.”

I frowned, “Where?”

“I want to show you something.”

I didn’t want to go anywhere with him, there was nothing about this man that you could trust. I still couldn’t understand completely what had happened between him and mom, but I still couldn’t see him as anything but a traitor. Still I agreed, only because I had to find Akira urgently. That jerk was hiding way more than I had thought… Maybe it wasn’t Ayano who sent me to jail after all.

Maybe it was Akira.

I left my bike and headed towards his car, opening the door and climbing into it without a single word.

Oshiro smirked before getting into the car too.

The ride didn’t take too long. We arrived at the place he wanted to show me in less than ten minutes. But the area was giving off a vile feeling.

Oshiro got out of the car and looked back at me, “Follow me. Check this place out.”

I did as he told me, curious.

As soon as we walked into the building, I was starting to feel really uncomfortable. Something wasn’t right about this place.

“A restaurant?” I asked, suspiciously.

“At first sight, yes. But the real purpose of this building is something else. You see that door over there?” He pointed to the door right at the back of the hall, “That’s where we run our main gambling den. It’s illegal of course.”

I remained silent as I stared back at Oshiro. He looked back at me, questioningly. He looked so amused it was making me feel sick.

I turned around, intending to walk back out of the place. At this point, I was convinced that it would’ve been a better choice not to come for Oshiro’s help. Suddenly, he held his arm out against my chest, blocking my path.

“Stop being so hasty, sheesh.” He laughed, “I want to test your abilities on working a business. I want you to take over this branch.”

“Not in a million years.” I hissed at him, grabbing hold of his arm and throwing it aside, “I’ll find Akira myself.”

Before I could get past the door, a bunch of big bodyguards stopped me, grabbing hold of my arms and dragging me towards the door that I didn’t want to enter.

“Oshiro!!!” I roared, almost on fire. This guy was foul… he was fouler than I could’ve imagined.

The people in the restaurant glanced at me from the corner of their eyes, looking as dark, unconcerned and mysterious as the rest of the place was. None of them were ordinary people… none of them were innocent. They were all his people.

This was nothing but a gambling hell.

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