Chapter 14

“Mom…” I barely breathed, gasping for air from all the running.

“Take a seat.” Toro suggested in a calm manner. I stared at him fiercely.

I heard mom’s voice quiver as she attempted to say something, but she stopped herself before she could give away that she was close to tears. Suddenly I found myself overwhelmed with anger.

“You…” I walked up to Oshiro, grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and yanked him up on his feet.

Toro leaped up from his seat and shouted at me to back off with his hand in his jacket, ready to pull something out. Probably a gun or a knife.

“Kentaro!!” Mom shouted in panic and got up from her seat to pull me away from Oshiro.

Oshiro calmly pushed Toro back on his chest and looked at me. I frowned and shoved him out of my hands.

“I told you not to bother my family!” I roared angrily.

Oshiro turned to look at mom and smirked, “Your family huh… Looks like I wasn’t the only one who’s been kept in the dark.”

I frowned and looked at mom in confusion, but she remained silent.

“I think it’s time you reveal the truth yourself.” He continued.

Mom swallowed, getting tenser by the minute. It wasn’t fear that I saw in her eyes. It was anxiousness.

“I already told you the truth.” She said.

Something seemed off, but I didn’t like seeing mom feeling as uncomfortable as she seemed to be.

I exhaled and looked at Oshiro again. “You can leave now.”

“Aren’t you curious to know what this is all about?” Oshiro asked, putting his hands back into his pockets.

Suddenly mom spoke up with a composed and firm tone, “Tell him whatever you want to, but I’m not handing my son over to you.”

“You lied to me.” Oshiro turned completely towards mom, “You lied to both of us.”

I lifted an eyebrow.

What’s going on…?


I looked at mom and the man in front of me questioningly.

Toro grunted, “Oyabun, why don’t we just tell-”

Oshiro held his palm out towards Toro without looking away from mom, stopping him from talking any further, “Well?”

“I don’t understand what you expect me to say. He is not going to join you, because I raised him the right way.” Mom averted her eyes from Oshiro.

“Do we really have to drag this on?” Oshiro rubbed the side of his forehead, getting impatient. “In that case you give me no other choice. If a life and death situation is what we need to make you admit to it…”

Suddenly Oshiro pulled something out of his belt and I felt something cold press against my head.

A gun.

“There is no reason I need to keep him alive…” Oshiro narrowed his eyes as he looked at mom, “If he isn’t my son.”

I didn’t utter a word and remained still, although I could’ve knocked the gun out of his hands. I was too startled by his words.

I looked at mom who was staring back at me and the gun in Oshiro’s hands with wide and panicked eyes.

“NO! Don’t do it Oshiro! He’s all I have!” Mom shouted, “He isn’t your son, he was adopted!!”

By this point, I was outraged in shock. “Mom… what are you saying?”

“What a shame…” Oshiro exhaled as he looked at me, “I was sure he had my eyes.”

Suddenly, the deafening bang of the gun pierced through the room.

The last thing I saw before I shut my eyes was mom jolting in fright, nothing but horror on her face.

There was no pain. The echoes of the gunshot faded… and then it was silent.

Suddenly laughter filled the room.

I slowly opened my eyes. Oshiro and Toro were laughing while mom held her hands against her chest, sliding down to the floor against the wall behind her. She looked traumatised.

He shot past my head, only to frighten her.

Then his aim was back at my head, “Next time I won’t miss. Like I said… if he isn’t my son, there is no reason for him to be alive.”

Mom was in tears as she stared at the floor, looking lifeless. She mumbled something, but I could barely make out what she said.

“What was that?” Oshiro asked, shoving the barrel of the gun harder against my head.

I glared at him. He was clearly mistaken about something… just because we have the same eyes didn’t mean I was his son. Like hell I was.

But mom’s reactions seemed suspicious. She was indeed hiding something; I lived long enough with her to know that.

Suddenly, mom slammed her fist against the floor with a loud thud and stared fiercely up at Oshiro as she got up on her feet. “I SAID HE IS YOUR SON!!”

I blinked. The words seemed to fly past my head.

A proud grin formed on Oshiro’s lips as he lowered the gun from my head.

“What?” I asked mom. There was a possibility that I heard it wrong.

“She said that-“ Toro started to say something.

“I WASN’T TALKING TO YOU!” I yelled, interrupting him before turning back to mom.

“He’s is your father, Kentaro.” She answered bluntly without even looking at me. She looked pissed off. Her alter ego emerged from the depth of her anger as this time she walked up to Oshiro and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt.

Toro widened his eyes in shock, “Holy cow…”

I looked at her in disbelief, not because of her actions but because of her words.

She really did say what I thought she did… she was telling me that the notorious boss of the largest Yakuza syndicate, Oshiro, was my father.

“You were the one who lied to me first you jackass, so you can take this as revenge! You promised me that you wouldn’t take over the Yakuza when your father was still alive. Then you went ahead and did it anyway… killing innocent people like you were swatting flies!” She shouted at him.

Oshiro narrowed his eyes as he looked down at her, “So you hid the fact that you were pregnant and left me, saying you were too afraid of me…”

Mom let go of him and grabbed my arm, “Because there is no way I wanted my son to be brought up to become the heir for the Yakuza. Didn’t you already adopt a son for that? Leave Kentaro be!”

“Enough.” I finally said, unable to absorb any of this information. I knew my father was involved with the Yakuza, but I never imagined that it would be Oshiro himself.

“I don’t care who you are…” I sneered, brushing mom’s hand off my arm and moving close enough to Oshiro to glare him face to face in the eyes, “But you were so wrong to step foot into this house thinking I’d want anything to do with you.”

Oshiro’s smirk wore down, “You have no choice, trust me.”

“I’d trust anyone but you.” I hissed when suddenly my phone started to ring.

I answered the call as soon as I saw that it was Ryouta.

“KENTARO! Where are you?! Ayano is in trouble, I couldn’t do anything, there are too many of them!” He groaned, sounding like he was in a lot of pain.

“What?!” I frowned, “What happened? Oi Ryouta!”

The phone call ended.

Oshiro smirked as I cursed, “Is your brother, Akira, causing you trouble?”

I glared at him angrily, “That jerk isn’t my brother nor are you my father! Get lost!”

Toro scowled next to Oshiro, clearly not in favour of my rude behaviour towards his boss, but he remained quiet as Oshiro laughed.

“You’ll come looking for me yourself sooner than you think,” He stepped back and finally headed out of the house with Toro following him close behind.

Mom slumped down onto the sofa, exhausted. There was a lot I wanted to ask her, but I didn’t have the time.

I had to find Ryouta and Ayano.

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