Chapter 15: Revelations II

Chapter 15: Revelations II

Hisa tapped her finger on the glass as she looked at Kazu and Yutaka from her window. It had been a week since the attack and restoring the damage was taking quite some time, but thankfully there hadn’t been many wounded ninja and they were recovering fast.

No one seemed to be able to comprehend what had happened and even Kazu seemed unusually upset since he had spoken to the guy with the wolf. It worried Hisa a little how he seemed lost in thoughts most of the timeand she was hoping he wasn’t letting his guard down.

Even though Eiji was a loving father, overtime Hisa had started to get the feeling that Kazu was keeping his distance from everyone. At first she thought that maybe it was because of his personality, but it seemed deeper than that. He didn’t have any friends and did nothing but work or train. The only person he seemed close with was Yutaka, but Yutaka was away most of the time and it didn’t look like he was telling him everything either.

“Is there something on your mind?” Tetsuo asked as he entered her room, making Hisa look at him, “Your mind seems occupied.”

“Grandpa…” She said, turning to look outside again and taking a deep breath, “How did you know you were in love with grandma?”

Tetsuo walked over, but remained silent for a while. He looked down in Kazu and Yutaka’s direction before looking at Hisa. “Our parents wished for us to get married.”

Hisa’s heart sank a little, “That’s all? That sounds pretty sad.”

Tatsuo smiled, placing a hand on her shoulder, “You don’t have to make things more difficult than they should be. I loved your grandmother more than anything else in the world, it’s what you make out of it.”

Hisa placed a hand on top of his, faintly smiling back, “I guess.”

“You and Yutaka will be fine.” He squeezed her shoulder a little before leaving the room, leaving her alone again.

“I wish you were here mom…”

“Don’t you think Hisa-sama has been acting weird lately?” Bekkou asked as he slurped down his udon noodles. They were having lunch at a ramen bar.

“Hmm?” Yoroi responded as he sipped from his sake, “What do you mean?”

Bekkou put his chopsticks down and looked at his bowl, “I have a feeling she’s not very happy …or maybe even troubled?”

“What could be bothering her then?”

“I hope I’m wrong…” Bekkou sighed before finishing his sentence, “But I have a feeling she might be interested in Kazuhiko-san.”

Yoroi remained silent. He had been wondering the same thing and had brushed it off thinking he might have been imagining things. But now that Bekkou had caught on too, it was undeniable.

“Y-you…you were thinking the same?” Bekkou asked a little surprised.

This time Yoroi sighed and leaned forward in his seat, placing his hands on the table. “I was hoping it was just my imagination.”

“This is really troublesome, what are we going to do if it’s true?”

Yoroi closed his eyes, a troubled look taking over his face, “There is nothing we can do.”

“Dog don’t dig up the flowers!” Hisa walked over to pick him up but he ran away just in time. Eiji had told her this garden used to be his wife’s, therefore it was well kept and he liked taking walks here.

It was a truly beautiful garden with various bright flowers, but the cherry blossom trees were still her favorite. Hisa squatted down and patted a petal of a bluebell flower, she was happy to be able to step out in the garden for a while, it had been raining non-stop for the past week.

Hisa looked up when she felt a few drops, she closed her eyes for a while before she proceeded to get up and walk inside. It was getting chilly anyway. As she headed towards the door she saw Kazu walk out and seeing he was keeping eye contact with her, she guessed he was looking for her.


Even though he was standing in front of her, his voice still slightly startled her. “Kazuhiko-san? Is there something wrong.” She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and blushed.

“Hisa-sama,” Kazu closed the distance between them, “I love you.”

As Hisa closed her eyes Kazu leaned over to kiss her.



“Are you okay?” He slightly touched her shoulder making her jump up in surprise.

“Kazuhiko-san! I…I was just looking at these flowers…and then…is there something you need from me?”  She laughed sheepishly, feeling embarrassed to the core.

Kazu blinked and raised an eyebrow, but didn’t bother with it. “I was on my way inside and thought you weren’t feeling well.” He responded and wanted to move again, but Hisa stopped him.


Kazu merely turned around in response.

“A while ago…I had a vision,” She paused, wondering if it was a good idea to tell him, but decided it was the only thing she could do to clear things up, “Are you by any chance adopted?”

Kazu looked at the ground as if he needed a few seconds to think about that question, “Yes, why?”

Hisa was a little surprised at his reply, but it did make her second vision more logical, “Y-you …are going to do something really bad.” She fidgeted with her fingers not sure how to tell him without sounding offensive or judgmental.

Kazu didn’t reply and waited for her to finish.

“I mean I’m not sure!” She looked for the right words, “I get things wrong most of the times. But…I just thought you needed to know this.”

Even though Kazu was a very calm and patient person, this suspense building was really getting to him. What could be so bad that she was having troubles telling him straight-out.

Hisa tried to maintain eye contact as she prepared herself to say the next words, “You are going to betray the Sakurai-clan.”

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