Chapter 14

 Chapter 14: Killing your own

“Brother?” Kazu asked a little confused. He looked the guy over and he had to admit that some things about him indeed reminded him of himself. The same pitch black hair color and light brown –almost yellow –eyes. He just looked a little shorter which would explain why he looked younger too. If he was standing next to Kazu, who was six feet and two inches, he would reach just above his shoulders.

Masaru laughed as he inspected the massive sword he was carrying with him and looked at Hisa, letting Kazu know he wanted to have this conversation with just the two of them. Kazu, understanding the hint, looked around to make sure there weren’t any more ninja around to abduct her when he wasn’t paying attention.

“Waka will look after her,” Masaru offered as a dark smoke started to form next to him. It didn’t take long before the smoke started taking the shape of an animal.

Kazu looked attentively at the smoke clearing up and his eyes slightly widened when he saw a grey wolf with yellow eyes. A scar ran over the right side of his face, starting above his brow and going down to his cheek.

Masaru didn’t waste another second and jumped from the flat roof to a pitched one not so far from it, but far enough for Hisa not to hear their conversation. Kazu gave Hisa a reassuring look before he went after Masaru.

Hisa looked to her left and right to see if there was anyone around. Not taking notice of anyone, she squealed, “I’m alone with a wolf, yeah! So awesome!” She reached out a hand to touch him.

“Don’t do that if you want to keep that hand.” She heard a voice coming from the wolf, but didn’t see his mouth move. She jumped back nevertheless and looked around to see if it wasn’t her imagination.

“You heard it right.”

Horrified, she took a few more steps back, “You talk?!”

“And I bite too.”

“I got that part…” Hisa decided to quietly sit at a safe distance before she lost a few limbs.

“Do you know you’re not Sakurai-sama’s real son?” Masaru got straight to the point.

Kazu liked that, he hated wasting time too. “I know.”

“Then do you know who your real parents are?”

The wind eased gently through Kazu’s hair as he took a few moments to ponder if he was really going to say out loud what he had been telling himself for years –he didn’t care who they were. But he would be lying if he said that the thoughts about who his parents were didn’t occasionally come to his mind. “I don’t need to know, just tell me who you are and what you want.”

Masaru snorted, “Of course, you’re doing well in life, why would you bother to remember where you come from, huh? They’ve just been living for the past twenty years, trying to keep you safe and hoping you would make a difference for them, but why would you, right?”

“I already agreed on helping and that’s as much as I owe them even if all this is true.”

“So that’s the problem, you can’t comprehend whether this is true or not,” Masaru laughed in disbelief, “People, your people, are living in despair and hoping for you to make a change for them but then we have poor little you who just can’t understand what’s going on.”

“Yes,” Kazu pulled the chain with the pendant from around his neck, “I don’t understand.” He looked at the pendant before cupping it in his hand, “I had this annoying voice sealed into my head, screaming about justice and helping a clan in need, but I didn’t catch a word about revenge.”

“I told you exactly what they told me to tell you!” Tama let Kazu know, just in case he was next in line to get told off. “And I’m not annoying!”

“What revenge?” Masaru took a few steps towards Kazu, “We want what was ours from the start.”

“And that is?”

“Power.” Masaru balled his fists to emphasize what he was saying, “We used to protect these weaklings and help them with everything, but when we pulled them through all wars they decided we were too violent to rule them. They wanted to lay down conditions in treaties where they wanted us to fade in the background and only show ourselves when they wanted our services.”

“Times changed after wars, there was apparently no need for the amount of violence you were using.” Kazu reasoned.

“Is that what you think? If there is no need for violence anymore, why do you still train ninja and why are there still wars breaking out?”

“I don’t know, differences of opinion perhaps.”

Masaru shook his head in disappointment, “You’ve become just like them.”

Kazu wasn’t sure whether he had to be offended or not but he could see the hurt in Masaru’s eyes. “If you want to stop hiding and live like everyone else, why doesn’t your leader get together with the other clan leader and you stipulate the conditions they have? It’s not that hard ok? Unless the thing your clan wants are unreasonable, otherwise I don’t see why you need to do all this.” He held up the pendant.

“What you think we haven’t tried?”

“Didn’t you say you didn’t agree because you were too power-hungry for that?”

Masaru sighed, he considered what he was about to say as an attack on his pride, “We tried after the Great war because our people were too weak to fight any longer. During that war some clans were wiped out whilst others fused to form stronger clans. Majority of our clan was killed but some escaped and went into hiding. The other clans thought that if we got the opportunity to grow big again, we would come back for revenge and the attacks and hunts on us never stopped.” He leaned his chin on the handle of his sword.

For the first time Kazu felt a little involved in the situation but at the same time he wasn’t sure how much he could believe of what this guy was telling him. Kazu himself was also guilty of being appointed to hunt down and assassinate someone of a clan with beastly powers. Until now, he didn’t know that that skill belonged to the Gensai clan. “Who is Takuya?”

Masaru lifted his head a little, “Takuya? Why, do you know him?”

It was the person Kazu was appointed to kill. “Just answer.”

“He’s my dad,” Masaru blinked, not understanding how he knew the name because Tama was instructed not to tell him.

“Your dad…?”

Masaru nodded, “And also yours.”

Kazu’s eyes widened and a shiver ran down his spine. He had been given a mission to kill his own father…

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