Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Pendant

Kazu scrunched up his nose in a half awakened state when something heavy crushed his lungs. His eyes fluttered open only to see Yutaka on top of him with the happiest smile ever.

“What?” Kazu grunted.

“She’s cute, right?”

Kazu threw his head back on his pillow. “Who?”

“Hisa-sama of course!” Yutaka huffed before rolling off his brother and lying next to him. “Don’t you think so?”

Kazu yawned and ran a hand over his face. He was not a morning-person and he didn’t understand how there were some people who could be all energetic and happy-go-lucky so early in the morning, “Isn’t it weird that you came to get my opinion on it?”

“I guess,” Yutaka pouted “At first I was kind of reluctant to meet her because I felt she’d get in my way, but now I’m glad I did.”

Kazu threw the covers off him and got out of bed, “I see.”

“Oi, don’t just end the conversation by yourself,” Yutaka sat right up and hugged a pillow close to his chest, “You should ask me ‘Onii-sama, why did you meet with her then?’”


Because,” Yutaka carried on anyway, glaring at Kazu’s back, “I was wondering what kind of person she was.”

“Interesting.” Kazu said with a straight face as he looked for some clean clothes in his closet.

Yutaka cringed at Kazu’s back and threw the pillow at him, “What kind of brother are you, so boring. Anyway, I wanna get to know her better, what should I do?”

“How would I know.”

Yutaka followed him around the room, “Help me spy on her.”

“No,” Kazu slammed his bathroom door shut and went to take a shower.

“Fine!” Yutaka banged on the door, “I’ll do it myself! I’m a Dark opal ninja spy, I don’t need you.”

The only response Yutaka got was the sound of the shower turning on.

“I hope you get water in your ear! Hmph!” Yutaka shouted before heading back to his own quarters.

Takuya was verypleased to hear the plan was already in progress, he leaned back in his chair and grinned. “Soon we will be where we belong.”

“That’s not all,” The ninja who had reported to him added.

Takuya stopped moving in his chair, “Oh?”

“It seems like the Imai clan has found out about this mission.”

“That was the reason of their visit?”

The ninja shook his head, “No, the visit is about the marriage between the heirs of the two clans.”

“Marriage?” Takuya frowned in worry. Two clans together might be difficult to overpower. “Is that all you know?”

“I don’t know what happened, but this marriage is supposed to reunite the two clans.”

“Reunite? I thought they were already pretty close,” Takuya thought out loud. “Find out more information about it.”

The ninja bowed and left to carry out the mission.

“The rain isn’t showing any signs of stopping any time soon, Imai-sama,” Bekkou reported with a sad face, still looking outside from the opening he created by lifting up the fabric of the tent’s entrance.

Tetsuo took a puff from his smoking pipe and exhaled after a few moments, “We will continue tomorrow.”

Bekkou sighed and plopped down next to Yoroi and Dog who were fast asleep. “I bet it’ll still be pouring.”

“We have no other choice,” Tetsuo replied, “It’s not safe to stay at one place for too long. Get some rest.”

“You should be resting too Imai-sama,” Bekkou said before he lied down next to Yoroi.

Hisa stared at the orb as she sat on her bed. It was a light blue orb being held by a dragon-claw pendant, kind of like a chain that could be attached to the end of a sword.

She’d been fidgeting about with it all day long, but there was still no sign of a vision. Hisa thought that maybe it was time for her to practice with the vision telling. With the clan pressure gone, she could make as many mistakes as she probably would. She cupped the pendant in her hands and took a deep breath. She closed her eyed, trying to only focus on the orb.

The more she thought about it, the more ideas on how to use the orb popped up in her head until one struck her like lighting.

Enhancement orb. She opened her eyes and looked at it, there was some kind of a spark inside the orb, which she hadn’t noticed earlier.


She looked up and met another pair of eyes. Hisa screamed and crawled to the other side of the bed.

“Geez,” Kazu or as she knew him –Tama –rubbed the back of his head in surprise. “Such a scaredy cat.”

Hisa dropped the orb with shaking hands, as if someone had caught her doing something illegal.

“Are you okay?” Kazu squinted his eyes at her.

“I was concentrating,” Hisa shouted, “You scared the hell out of me…I thought I summoned something from the orb.” She whispered the last bit.

“AAAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHA,” Kazu burst out laughing, ridiculing her, “You don’t even seem capable of summoning a little fly, where are you going to summon stuff from the past.”

Hisa scowled, “Jerk.”

Kazu smiled, clearly amused, but it wasn’t like she could see it.

“Anyway,” She glared at him, “Are you perhaps looking for a weapon?”

He became serious too, “Did you have a vision?”

“No,” Hisa held out the pendant to him, “I know I’m bad at what I do, but that doesn’t make me dumb. This is an enhancement orb mage clans used to fill with spells and attach to their weapons, because they lacked physical strength.”

Kazu frowned. This was too confusing for him. He was indeed looking for a sword, but was told to keep quiet about it.

“What you are looking for shouldn’t be a weapon but the secret scrolls for the spells.” Hisa was annoyed. She was ready to help, but she didn’t like being used. “And then you need to find a mage. Good luck with that, because no one knows where they reside. They retreated from communities when ninja started holding them captive for orbs. The scrolls were destroyed…or so I was told.”

“Is there a way to track them down?” Kazu asked innocently, not noticing the growing annoyance in her voice.

“I wouldn’t tell you even if I knew.”

Kazu was a little taken aback by her comment but didn’t really understand it. “Why? You agreed on helping me.”

“You said you were trying to help a clan get justice?”

Kazu slowly nodded, he was sure there was more to come.

“An eye for an eye is not exactly justice,” Hisa held up the pendant, “These aren’t used to save clans, but to destroy them.” She threw the pendant at his feet, “Find someone else to help you with that.”

Kazu squatted and picked the pendant up. “So what are you trying to say?”

“Whoever sent you on this mission is trying to get revenge.”

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