Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Tama…and Tama

Not being able to scream or move, Hisa did the only thing she could. She bit his hand and when he yelled “Ow!” loosening his grip a little, she kicked him backwards hitting him between the legs.

Her captor wasn’t expecting that and tumbled over, holding his groin. She created a safe distance between them by running a few meters away from him before turning around to see who he was.

“What is wrong with you?!” He yelled.

“What is wrong with me?!” She snapped back, “You’re the one breaking into my room trying to kidnap me!!!”

“Kidnap you?” He looked her up and down and cringed, “Ew.”

Hisa’s mouth fell open and offended, she grabbed the first object she saw –a book –and started hitting him with it.

“Woman, what?!” He tried to protect his face from getting hit.

“Hisa-sama?” A handmaid called from the other side of the door to her room, “Are you okay?”

The guy quickly snatched the book away and covered her mouth again but before Hisa could panic he spoke, “Please…help me.”

As Hisa relaxed, the guy loosened his grip as well. She turned around to face him and frowned, wondering what he was trying to say. But she had heard in his voice that he was serious and in his eyes –the only thing that she could see –she saw that he was telling the truth. His eyes were very similar to Kazu’s, yellow wasn’t as unusual as she’d thought.

The guy was dressed in a black, Kevlar sleeved turtleneck with a sleeveless hoodie over it. It had the colors white, red, black and gray on it. He was wearing the hood over his ninja mask and cargo shorts that went over his knees.

Seeing that she was still hesitating, the guy repeated himself, “Please…”

Hisa inwardly cursed at her inability to say “No” and sighed before she walked towards the door and told her everything was fine. After Keiko, her maid, made sure that Hisa was okay, she wished a good night and left. Hisa walked back into her room, only to find the guy half into her closet, emptying it out.

Her eye twitched in annoyance and she walked up to him, “So you need help what that?”

“Take his,” He shoved a sack in her hands and went back to looking for stuff.

Hisa groaned, throwing the sack on the bed and held his head in a lock, “Listen up, mister! I intended to help you but if you needed my help with robbing Sakurai-sama then forget it!”

The guy blinked to himself and stood up lifting Hisa, who was still clinging his neck, from the floor with him. He turned around but saw no one. He scratched his head and turned the other way.

Hisa grunted, carefully putting her toes on the ground before she let go of him, “Dammit, you’re tall.”

She saw the guy’s eyebrows go up and thought it was probably because of her cursing. She usually refrained herself, but this guy was annoying the hell out of her.

“Wow, didn’t expect that from little miss Perfect.” Tama commented.

“Shut up,” Kazu shot back, “Don’t get me annoyed, she’ll notice.”

“Okaay,” Tama replied, not caring for the situation, “I still think it’s better to just tell her instead of putting up a whole show.”

“She won’t help, she’s trying to prevent wars, not cause another one.”

Tama brushed it off and decided to stay out of it. He’d seen enough throughout the years to know that this would end in failure.

“So, what’s your name?” Hisa asked with a hand on her hip.

Kazu rolled his eyes to the side, trying to think of a name.

Hisa poked his chest. “I’m talking to you.”

“She’s actually a sassypants.” Tama chuckled, he was loving this. “The little princess has finally shown her true colors and now you’re gonna be the one acting.”

“Can you just help me with a name?”

“Okay, okay…uh, Hi…ko…Kazu?” Tama said carefully but cracked up when he noticed how dumb it sounded. “HAHAHAHHA!! I said Hikokazu…Kazuhiko, get it? HAHAHAHAHA!!!”

“Yeah…” Kazu’s eyelids dropped in annoyance.

“Hello?” Hisa called, tilting her head a little to the side, “You do have a name, right?”

“Ah…yeah, It’s…” Kazu gave it another thought but he was as original as Tama was with names..TAMA! “Tama.”

“Tama?” Hisa pouted her lips in a thinking manner. “That’s kind of like a name you’d give to your dog.”

“WHAT?!” Tama flared as Kazu inwardly laughed.

“Although, this weird guy named ours Dog.” She added.

It was Tama’s turn to laugh and Kazu rolled his eyes, offended.

“Anyway,” Hisa asked. It was weird having a strange guy in her room in the middle of the night. “What exactly do you need help with?”

“I …heard you can get visions if you touch an object,” Kazu started explaining but now and then turned his gaze to the floor in discomfort. He felt like she could see right through his lies and all the way to his soul.

Hisa averted her eyes towards the ground. She didn’t want to do any kind of vision telling anymore. It had already brought enough problems. She had made the decision to marry Yutaka so they didn’t need to rely on her visions for their safety anymore.

“I’m sorry…” She said before Kazu could continue. “I stopped doing that, they’re never correct anyway.”

Kazu felt as if he’d lost a part of his pride. He didn’t want to ask her but Tama had pushed him and now he was getting rejected.

“Kit, get a hold of yourself,” Tama sighed, “Ask again! Persuade her!”


“The existence of a whole clan depends on it!” Tama shouted, “Think of something!”

“You can save a whole clan by helping me.”

Tama sighed, “You blunt idiot.”

“The clan has been barely surviving for the past fifty years and has been banned for unjust reasons for more than twenty years now. You can help me get them justice and unite with the rest of the world.” Kazu’s hadn’t thought he would start caring for the Gensai-clan as he did now, “They deserve to live in a peaceful world just like the rest of us.”

Hisa looked in his eyes to see if he was speaking the truth and much to her dismay, he was. She took a deep breath before giving in, “What do you want me to do?”

Kazu realized he didn’t have anything that he could let her touch, “Idiot, we haven’t discussed this!”

“You’re an idiot!” Tama snapped back, “Let her touch this…”

Kazu felt something being summoned in his hand and held it up to look at it. “What is it?” It looked like some kind of orb or pendant.

“You’ll need it later on.” That was all that Tama said.

He held it out to Hisa, who took it, never taking her eyes off it. She turned it around in her hand and examined it from all sides but she couldn’t get any wiser and neither did she get a vision. She looked up at Kazu after a while and shook her head slightly.

“What now?”

“I don’t know,” Tama responded, just as clueless, “I’ll have to ask Gensai-sama.”

Kazu sighed and walked towards the balcony door, “Keep the orb, maybe you’ll get a vision later. I’ll come back tomorrow.”

Hisa was about to agree but suddenly realized something, “Hey, how did you get past the guards?”

“Yeah, Tama, how did you?” Tama asked amused.

“You didn’t fight them or there would’ve been chaos going on now and you possibly couldn’t have slipped past Kazuhiko-san?”

“I…I am a skilled ssss…wash…buck…ler…”

Hisa fluttered her eyelids a few time, “Sssswashbuckler?”

“Swashbuckler?” Tama asked dumbfounded. “I know you’re bad at lying, but really now Kit? You’re even going to make up words?”

Kazu started feeling hot, lying was really not his thing. He tugged at his collar uncomfortably, “It’s an ancient …skill.”

Hisa’s eyes grew big in awe, “Wahh! A sssswashbuckler!”

“Y-yeah…” Kazu couldn’t believe she actually bought that, but he wasn’t complaining. He walked out but before he left he turned and whispered, “Thanks.”

“The adventures of The princess and the two Tama’s begin here!” Tama shouted excitedly.

He gave her a final look before disappearing in a blink of an eye.

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