One step…..Two steps…..Three steps,Walking past the places that we’ve been to.Things we did and conversations we’ve had were still clear in my head as if they had just happened yesterday.

How did we get this far?

Maybe if I had held on tighter, things would be different now.

Without me realizing, tears start to form.

I miss you.

The two of us walking down the street, with our hands held tight together.

I’ve thought about this before,

you and me, together in the future,

But now, it’s just me.

All by myself.

With MEMORIES that will never fade.


I sat down on the wooden bench at the side of the park. I looked around me; couples, families and friends were gathered around on large picnic mats with food and wine. Laughing at each other’s jokes, hugging those who were close to them, smiling and staring up to look at the beautiful flowers that danced in the breeze. The wind blew and pink and white flower petals fell from the trees.

April, it’s that time of the year again, the time when cherry blossoms blooms. Charry blossoms, to many people meant good luck, but not to me. Maybe it did at first, but now, it only brings me painful memories.

Memories of my first love, first kiss, pain, tears, fears and nightmares.

Different scenes play in my head, and time takes me back to the beginning, back to where everything had started. Back my life was still so pure and simple, and I was still the girl that didn’t know anything about the world or of the evil within it.

Let me tell you a story.

My story. 


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