Chapter 9

Chapter 9


The store was closed and everyone had left. The lights were off.

Kiyoko sat on her bed, thinking back about what had happened earlier with Hayate.

He didn’t seem to be lying about never having met her before, but he certainly was the Hayate that she knew, he even knew who Masaaki is. She knew almost everything about Hayate, but now she’s not sure.

‘This is so messed up. I need some fresh air to clear my mind.’ Kiyoko thought.

She sat stood up and walked out, into the street. She snuggled into the collar of her jacket as a gust of cold wind passed by.

As she walked down the street, she looked up at the dark sky. Although, the stars were hidden by the clouds, the street was filled with bright lights from the buildings and lamp posts.

Eventhough it was ten o’clock, there were still people on the streets. There were street stands that still sold accessories, clothes and food. She continued walking further down the busy street until she passed by an alley and heard someone talking.

‘Hm…? That sounds like……’

She stopped. Taking a few steps back, she peeked into the alley. There were a few people there. They were dressed in shirts with ties and dark jeans. To have a better view of them, she leaned forward.

She was right. It was Hayate and Masaaki. Cocking her head to the side, she wondered why they were here.

‘What are they doing here? Who are they with?’

She wanted to call out their names, but she refrained herself as she listened in on their conversation.

“Hiro, have you settled the problems of the two groups yet?” Hayate asked.

“No, I haven’t.” Hiro responded.

“I want you to complete this mission in two days.” Hayate replied sternly.

“Hai, I will settle it soon.” Hiro said as he bowed to Hayate.

“Hayate, boss wants to see you tonight about the money and fighting issues.” Spoke another man.

‘Huh? Fighting? Boss?’

“Toru, take him with you. I’ll go meet up with you guys after.”

‘Toru…that sounds like….Nah…No way.”

“Let’s go.” Toru said as they headed out towards the other side. Hayate on the other hand, turned and walked in her direction.

She quickly turned away and glued herself back to the wall, silently hoping that he wouldn’t see her when he walked by. As he walked away slowly, Kiyoko followed him quietly with a distance. She wanted to see if she was able to find out anything about him.

He seemed to be well dressed, did not have any problems with living, but she wanted to know what had happened to Hayate and Masaaki after she had escaped. She wanted to know if they had escaped and if they were safe right now as well.

They went further and further away from the area they were in earlier until Hayate walked into a dangerous area of the town. This was the area with the most crime occurances, every other day, you’d hear that something had happened in the area.

‘Why is he going in here?’ Kiyoko thought. ‘It’s dangerous here.’

She paused as she hesitated to walk in there. She didn’t know what would happen if she walked in, especially since she was by herself and a girl. But she had a feeling that if she continued to follow Hayate, she would find out what had happened to them.

Lifting her foot up, she took her first step again and continued on her way. Her heartbeat seemed to be louder and faster than usual, she was nervous.
She continued to follow him for a distance until he reached somewhere dark and she lost track of him. She couldn’t see him anywhere. She only heard footsteps behind her. Quietly… slowly… walking towards her.

“What are you doing here, missy?”

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