Chapter 8

Chapter 8

“Hayate…..Masaaki….Is that you?’

A tall figure had appeared in her dream. 

The back looked exactly like how Kiyoko had imagined Hayate’s would be like. Kiyoko tried to chase after that shadow in front of her, walking away. He wasn’t walking in a fast pace but no matter how fast Kiyoko tried to run, it was just as if she could never catch up with him.

‘Hayate! Hayate!’ She screamed out the name desperately. Praying, begging and wishing that he would turn around and look at her. 

‘Hayate! Hayate!’

‘It’s you right? Please look at me.’

The head slowly turned around.

But at that moment she woke up.

She sat up with sweat covering her forehead, some dripping off from the side and down her cheeks.

Ever since yesterday, the image of him kept showing up, she even had a dream about it now, but she never once saw his face in it.

When the man that looked like Hayate passed by her, it gave her a spark of hope that her friends were still alive, or maybe…. at least one was.


The bad dream gave her a funny feeling inside her tummy. Whenever she felt like that, it meant that something would happen that day. She tried not to think about it, but her dream–the image from yesterday was still so clear in her mind. She hadn’t had a nightmare like that for a while.

How long had it been since she last saw them?

She looked at the clock and saw it was almost time for her to head down to work. She gathered herself up, quickly washed up and changed, then headed downstairs.

As she showed up behind the group of boys and her neechan, she heard them talking but they were so quiet that she couldn’t clearly figure out the whole conversation. Kiyoko just stared and laughed at the two niichan there, acting like eight year-old kids.

Seeing her…friends talking about random things, she couldn’t help but wonder whether these people would still accept her if they knew what had happened and knew where she came from. Would they still be nice to her? Would they also accept the boys if she found them one day?


It was four minutes to ten before the café closed.

“Excuse me, miss…..” A lady walked in and stood in front of the counter.

“Yes, how may I help you?” Kiyoko replied back with a smile.

“May I have a caramel brulee latte please.”

“Your order will be done soon. Thank you.”

As Kiyoko spoke, a man came into the café.

“Welcome sir, what would you like?” She asked politely.

“A white chocolate mocha,” The man replied.

A familiar voice that Kiyoko hadn’t heard for so long. A voice that only belonged in her memories for the past year.

She looked up from her cashier machine; there stood the man, in front of her, with the familiar face that she could not stop thinking of for the whole day.

“Hayate? It’s Hayate right?”

“Pardon?” He was with confusion.

“You’re Hayate right?”

Kiyoko asked to confirm it but there was no way that she would have mistaken that face and that voice.

“Yes, that’s my name, but…..”

“Hayate! Hayate! You’re still alive. How’s Masaaki?” She was so happy that words could not express how she felt right now.

“Masaaki is alright. But I’m sorry miss, do I know you?”

Hayate’s words stunned Kiyoko. She froze in her place.

“This is not funny Hayate. How can you not know who I am? Come on. It’s enough, there’s only the two of us here.”

“I’m sorry but I really don’t remember meeting you. Perhaps you’ve mistaken me for someone else.”

‘What had happened? Why did Hayate ask me as if he didn’t know me at all? What kind of joke is this…’


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