Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Kiyoko walked back to where Akiko was standing, as soon as she saw her she tried to pull a smile but she guessed she didn’t succeed as Akiko looked at her with confusion and concern.

“What happened there Kiyoko? You dropped all your things and ran off out of nowhere.” Asked Akiko.

“I…I just thought I saw someone I know. Never mind, I think I saw it wrong. No worries.”

“Okay, well let’s head back now. Come on lets pick up your stuff.”

They drove back to the cafe, during the whole trip Akiko just stared at Kiyoko but did not ask anything. While Kiyoko just stared outside the window.

“Welcome back! Did Akiko bully you there?” Kachiro teased.

“Do you want dinner now? We’re done eating already, I can microwave your food for you.” Asked Akira.

“No, neechan did not and I don’t feel like eating now, just leave it in the fridge, thanks nii.” Kiyoko replied and she headed up the stairs with her things.

Everyone realized that Kiyoko was awefully quiet, they looked at Akiko, but she just shrugged as she was as confused as them.


Kiyoko closed her door and dropped her things, she didn’t bother to put it away yet as her mind was occupied by what had happened earlier.

‘That was Hayate right? I didn’t see it wrong right or did I?’

It’s been a year since she had escaped from that place, at first she still had hoped that they would survive and were able to look for her. However as time passed by, she began to lose hope. How would those people allow another person to escape again after getting caught just to make time for her to run.

She still clearly remembered the first time they had met thirteen years ago.

Thirteen years ago

The little girl that was sitting on the swing by herself turned her head as she heard her name, and she saw her caretaker, Riko-chan, beside her were two boys that she had never seen before. She ran and hugged Riko-chan’s leg, burying her face as she was shy in front of the two strangers.

Riko-chan bent down to be in the same height as the three children.

“Kiyoto, this is these are the two boys that who will be under my care from now on, they are new here. The one on the left is Hayate and the other one is Masaaki. Hayate, Masaaki, this is Kiyoto.”

Out of curiosity, Kiyoto peeked at them carefully.

The boy on the left, Hayate, hazel brown eyes and hair that looked fluffy and soft didn’t have any expressions on his face. While the other boy, Masaaki, he had auburn brown coloured eyes,but they looked puffy and red.

Kiyoto walked out from her hiding spot, and walked closer to them.

She thought to herself, if they are were here that meant that they had experienced what she did not long ago, she know knew what they’re were feeling and experiencing right now.

She wipeed the tears that were on Masaaki’s cheek, the boys stared at her. She gives gave them her biggest smile and said “Welcome to Kokaryo, Hayate-kun, and Masaaki-kun. Nice to meet you.”

Maybe because of shock or maybe because they were feeling uncomfortable, they did not say anything nor make a sound.

“Kiyoto, why don’t you show them around, I will go make us some snacks in the meanwhile.”

“Hai Riko-chan.”

Kiyoto started to skip away, but the boys did not budge at all. Kiyoto turned back and looked at them, then walked back to stand between them, held their hands and started pulling them towards the building.

“Come on guys, let’s go!”

The boys didn’t really want to be dragged by a girl they just came to know, so they started walking faster to catch up to her speed with each of them by her sides.

Kiyoto saw what happened, and smiled to herself.

‘I guess this is a good start’ she thought to herself.

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