Chapter 4

Chapter 4

‘Should I or should I not?’ Kiyoko thought.

For the past few months she had been telling herself to stand up and continue her path, but she was still in the same place and hadn’t improved at all. She still didn’t talk to anyone and distanced herself from others.

She hesitated to speak but finally let her words out.

“Please take good care of me.” She murmured. This was the first time Kiyoko had spoken up after a long time.

Satoru was surprised but happy at the same time. He wasn’t sure if it was because she had spoken or because she had agreed to work at his café. “Let’s go. Do you have anything that you need to pick up from somewhere before we head to the café?”

Kiyoko pointed to her left. Satoru’s eyes followed where her fingers was pointing and he saw a bag in that direction. It was a small bag, making Satoru wonder what had happened to her and if she only relied on that. Yet, he didn’t dare to ask because he remembered the pale face and sad expression she had last time when he asked something about her.

“That’s all?” He asked.

Kiyoko nodded. She stood up and reached for the bag at the same time as Satoru.

“I’ll hold it for you instead,” He said and Kiyoko released her grip on the strap.

They left the alley and started walking to the café. On their way, you could only hear the sound of cars, but the two didn’t speak to each other.

“Kiyoko.” She whispered.

Satoru was in his own little world and missed what she had said. “Huh?” He was happy by the fact that she was staying at his café, he could see her every day now.

“My name is Kiyoko.”

“Kiyoko,” he repeated after her, “What a pretty name.”

Kiyoko blushed upon hearing that, but at the same time it reminded her of someone. Satoru wasn’t the first guy who said that her name was pretty, once someone had said the same words to her.

“Kiyoko! Kiyoko!”

Kiyoko heard her name and felt a hand on her shoulder. She quickly snapped out of her thoughts. She turned around and saw that the pair of hands belonged to Satoru. They had arrived at the café. He smiled and opened the door for her. The two of them walked inside. After walking towards the stairs, they went upstairs and came to a room. Satoru took out a key from his pocket and opened the door.

Kiyoko stepped into the room as Satoru turned on the light. The room wasn’t big but it was certainly cozy. The wall was a light sky blue color. There was a bed, a table with a chair beside it and some empty shelves. There was also a bathroom with a shower. It may not be anything special to someone else, but to Kiyoko it was like heaven.

“This is your home from now on. Welcome home, Kiyoko.”


Kiyoko walked out of the bathroom after taking a shower. She got her bag that was against the wall and slowly took her clothes out as well as a picture of herself as a kid and placed them in the drawers.

She fell back on the bed, trying to absorb all the changes in one day. From a beggar who had to look for a place to stay at every night to a girl with a decent home and a job. This change was due to Satoru’s help, which she was grateful for. If it wasn’t for him, she would have continued to starve on the street. She wouldn’t have been able to take the very first step and finally make a change in her life.

She smiled and closed her eyes, slowly falling asleep on the soft mattress that she had longed for, for the past few months.

“Thank you Satoru!” She thought to herself before drifting off to her dreamland.


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