Chapter 12

Chapter 12

The next morning, after Masaaki made sure Hayate took his medicine and went to bed, he left the studio. He went downstairs and was about to get on his bike but noticed a girl stood in front of the gate. It was Kiyoko.

When she saw him, she started to walk towards him. She stopped in front of his bike, staring straight into his eyes.
“Hi, girl from yesterday. What do you want?” Masaaki said.

“Masa, I know you remember me. Don’t act like you don’t.” Kiyoko said.

He looked around him.

“This is not the place for us to talk about this. Hop on, let’s go somewhere safer.” He passed her his helmet and got on his motorbike as he told her.

Kiyoko agreed and took the helmet and sat behind Masaaki with her arms wrapped around his waist. Masaaki started his motorcycle and speeded off until they reached the park.

After Masaaki parked his motorcycle, Kiyoko hopped off and went straight for the swings.

“Do you remember back then, we used to fight for the swings and whoever got there first got to play with it.” Kiyoko said.

Masaaki sat on the one beside her.

“I also remember that we used to play grounded on the slides and you always lose.” He said while laughing at her.
“Masa….What happened?” She asked carefully. “You guys never showed up or looked for me after I thought that I lost you guys forever, until the day I saw Hayate at my workplace. But he treated me like a stranger, like I never existed in his life before. Why doesn’t Hayate remember me? Why did you pretend you didn’t know me when you do? ”
She stopped swinging back and forth and looked at him.

“What happened after I left?” She asked again.

“You remember what happened that night right? When we first found out what kind of place we were staying at. What kind of people we were surrounded by.” Masaaki said.

“Yes, I remember everything. We were kidnapped by this organization and that orphanage was controlled by the same organization. Riko-chan, the lady who took care of us, the lady we loved the most, was working for them. She was just there to make sure we wouldn’t run away… We trusted her. After we found out about it, we were going to run away together but we were caught. You two tried to stop those people that were after us in order to spare some time for me….to run away.” Kiyoko recalled those memories that had been haunting her for so long.

She closed her eyes and could still remember Hayate and Masaaki being pinned down by those men, struggling to save her some time when she could do nothing. She could still remember Hayate’s eyes. It was full of determination and power in his eyes.

“Ever since I escaped, I heard nothing from you two.” She continued.

“After you escaped, we were dragged into a room. Our hands and legs were chained and there was a chair in front of us. We were left there for the rest of the night, nothing happened. Until the next morning, we were woken up by some shouting and water was splashed on us to fully wake us up. Riko-chan was tied on the chair in front of us, while a man stood next to her with his boyguards guarding the room.” Masaaki said to Kiyoko, holding his trembling hands together.

Masaaki looked down and had a terrible pale expression as he reminisced the tormenting memories exactly the way he had experienced them back then.

That man, he was holding a gun in his hands, examining it. We assumed that he was the boss of the organization. He asked for our name without looking at us, but none of us answered. He asked again, this time, he bent down to our eye level. The way he looked at us induced fear and the gun in his hand didn’t make it better.



We answered him and he stood back up saying nothing. Maybe after ten or fifteen minutes, he looked back at us and said, “I was planning to kill you guys, but I have a better idea.”

He signaled one of his men to bring in a silver case. He opened it and took two tiny bags out; there were two pills in each bag. Two men came in and pinned us down, forcing us to open our mouth. We tried to struggle, but what we got back was beatings until we had no energy left to fight back. The boss dropped the pills into our mouth and made us swallow them.

“This is the new rizz we invented, we do not know the power of it, nor the effect. You two can be our lab rats, if you survive it, then you will not be killed. But if something goes wrong….” He held his guns next to Riko-chan’s head. “You will die like this traitor right here.”

A loud shooting sound followed after his sentence. We were covered in Riko-chan’s blood and she was on the chair, lifeless.

After that, we were fed with that drug every day until they had finished their experiment.
We tried our best to get out of the addiction of that drug. We survived, but Hayate nii had suffered an after effect of the drug – he had lost his memories of the orphanage.

When the boss found out about it, he tried to create some fake memories for Hayate… made him belong in the organization. We’re volunteering to help and try out the new drugs. Now Hayate and I are his right hand men and he will help us to train back like how we used to be.

Masaaki shooked his head, does not want to recall any of those memories further.

“In the end, we had never escaped from the boss. Everything, he had planned it out right from the start. I could not leave Hayate nii alone, so I stayed there with him and pretended like I had the same effect.” Masaaki sighed.

“Kiyoko, I missed you too and I am sure that if niichan remembered you, he would too. But for his safety, for your own safety, pretend that you never knew him. The organization is still looking for you as well.”

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