Chapter 11

Chapter 11

There were three people in the living room, one girl and two guys. The girl was sitting on the sofa while the two guys were on the floor, side by side. She made eye contact with one of the guys while the other one stared at the other direction.

‘What kind of atmosphere is this? I feel like I should say something, it’s so quiet.’ She thought.

“Erm…. I didn’t break in, I’m just waiting for someone. Hayate… brought me here and told me to stay till he comes back.” She said.

“Hayate? He…brought you? Does he re….?” Masaaki shouted out with shock but stopped in the middle of his sentence realizing what he almost said.

“Hey girlie, are you his girl? I’m T.” The man in the hoodie and mask asked her.

Masaaki stared at him weirdly after that man said his name.

“T?” She asked in case she heard it wrong.

“Yes girl, T.”

Just then the door opened and Hayate stepped in.

“I’m back. Let me change first before we go.” He said while locking the door.

He turned around as he didn’t hear a reply from her, but the first thing he saw was not the girl but the two boys in front of him.

“What are you guys doing here?” He asked.

“Well, we went to the apartment but we got bored so we headed down here instead. Then we found this girly waiting for you.” T said.

“She’s not what you think.” Hayate said. “Don’t even think of it.”

“Psh, I ain’t thinking of anything.”

“It’s all written on your face.” He told T and looked at Kiyoko, “Let’s go before this guy comes up with anymore weird ideas.”

“Okay.” She replied back, then bowed at the two boys. “Nice to meet you.”


Hayate went back to the studio after he dropped Kiyoko back at her place and found Masaaki sitting on the sofa by himself while T was missing.

“Where is Toru?” He asked Masaaki.

“He went to get some drinks. Your fridge is like almost empty.” Masaaki replied.

“Okay. I’m going to change now.”

“Niichan…Why was she here? Did you remember something?” Masaaki asked Hayate.

“No? What am I supposed to remember?” Confused by what Maasaki asked.

“No, nothing. But niichan, don’t get too close to her.”

“Why? What’s wrong with her?” He asked.

“Nii, this time please listen to me. It’s better for her too.” Masaaki pleaded.

“You’re confusing me. But okay, not that I really know her but I went to buy coffee today and met her. Then she got lost in that area so I felt like I had to take her home.” Hayate told Masaaki and headed to his room.

He turned the knob of the door before he walked in but remembered something.

“By the way Masa, when I first met her today, she knew my name and she asked about you too.” He told Masaaki.

Hayate then continued back to what he was doing while Masaaki sank down on the sofa.

‘I didn’t expect it to be like that. At least she is fine but what are we going to do now…’

Masaaki sighed.


Hayate was in his room preparing for his shower. He was sweating as ,it smelled and was disgusting to him. Just as he was going to head to the door, he suddenly felt trouble breathing and felt dizzy. He tried reaching for the door but before he could reach it,he lost consciousness and fell onto the floor with a loud thud.

“Hayate! Let’s go and play!” A little girl said.

“No, we’re supposed to finish our work.” Hayate said to her while working on his assignment.

“But I really want to go to the playground!”

“Do you want to get yelled again like last time?” He then turned to look at the little girl with a sad smile.” How about this, if we finish the work early today, I will teach you how to fold the stars. You love stars and you wanted to learn it last time right?”

“Really?” The girl smiled again.

“Yes, really.” Hayate smiled as he saw her smile again.

“You promise?”

“Yes, I promise.”

“Pinky swear!”

The voice then faded and Hayate slowly opened his eyes. He looked around and found Masaaki sleeping on his side of the bed. He tried to move so he could get out of bed but woke Masaaki by accident.

“Nii, you’re up? How are you feeling now?” He asked with concern.

“What happened?” Hayate asked.

“I came into the room after I heard something and found you on the floor unconscious.” Masaaki replied.

“Okay. Masa, we know each other since we were kids right?” Hayate asked.

“Yes, why?” Masaki asked carefully as he had a bad feeling about where this was heading to.

“I just had…” Hayate stopped his sentence.


“No, I just had a weird dream about things when we were younger. I wish I remember how we were like.” Hayate patted Masaaki’s head.

Masaaki stayed in silence after hearing what Hayate said to him.

As for Hayate, he wasn’t sure about his dream. He was sure that boy was him, but who was that girl?

‘Was this a dream? Or was it a memory…?’ He thought.


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