Chapter 10

Chapter 10

“It’s you right? The girl from earlier?”

Kiyoko turned her head around and there stood Hayate, raising one of his
eyebrows. He was staring at her as if he had just met some kind alien and was trying to determine what was going on.

“Erm… you there? I’m asking what you are doing here missy.” He asked once again.

“I…I…came out to have some fresh air, but I somehow ended up in this area and I can’t find my way back.” Kiyoko replied.

She looked away quickly as she noticed the way he was gazing at her, as if he knew that she was hiding something from him.

Well it was true that she was indeed hiding something. She was hiding the fact that she had followed him all the way to this area, she wanted to find out what had happened to the Hayate she used to know. She could not tell him that or else he would think that she was a stalker.

He looked at her a bit longer, then sighed before he spoke up again.

“Where do you live?” He asked.

“The café.” She replied nervously.

He looked at his watch and looked back up at her again.

“It’s dangerous for a girl to be here, especially this late.”
He paused.

“How about take you somewhere safe. Wait for me there. I’ll take you back to the café after I finish some things.”

Kiyoko wasn’t sure if she should follow him or not, but then she felt safer with him and believed that he wouldn’t do anything to her. She really didn’t want to stay in this areaby herself.

She nodded and he turned and started to walk again, heading somewhere else.

She quickly caught up to Hayate with her short legs. As they were walking, she gazed up to look at Hayate. He seemed more mature than when she had seen him in the past, he was certainly taller than before.

‘Just a year or so and everything could change so much…’ She thought.

She sighed.

First she had run away from that place and became a hobo begging on the streets. Then she met Satoru and found a place to stay at. Now she finally met Hayate again and thought everything would be good once again, but it turned out that he didn’t remember her at all.


They arrived at a building a while later. He brought her into a studio room. There was a sofa, TV, computer on a working desk, a lot of shelves with books and files, a small kitchen and there was another room too.

“This is where I work sometimes, it’s a bit messy here. Not that you’re going to stay long anyway. Stay here until I come back, don’t go anywhere else. If someone rings the bell, don’t answer. Washroom is beside the kitchen. Here’s a cup of tea, if you need more warm water it’s in the kitchen.” He told her whatever she needed and was going to leave.

“Thanks for helping me.” She said to him as she bowed.

He paused on his track, then continued to walk away without saying anything.

After he left, Kiyoko sat down on the sofa and looked around.

‘So this is where Hayate’s staying right now. He has his own place and he is working. But what was going on earlier in the back alley? A fight? A dealing over something? Who is Boss? What on earth is Hayate working as?’

She couldn’t figure out the answer, neither did she want to look around his place for the answer, it would be rude. Just the thought of it was killing her, she wanted to know if what he was doing was something dangerous.

Suddenly the noise outside of the studio interrupted her thoughts. The sound of footsteps and people talking was getting louder and louder every second. Her heart raced faster as they came closer and closer. The sound of the door clicked, then the noise died down.

‘Just the neighbours.’

She shook her head, shifted to a more comfortable position and rested her head on the armrest, hoping that it would move her attention to something else. Unknowingly, she fell asleep, until she heard another click and the sound of the door opening.

Her eyes snapped open and she quickly sat up. Hoping that it was Hayate who came back to pick her up.

As the door opened, she called out “Hayate! You’re back!” But the person that came in through the door was not who she expected it to be. It was Masaaki.

“Masaaki…” She whispered.

Masaaki looked up and stared at her with confusion. In his eyes, she saw a different gaze from Hayate. He did not have the same look of a stranger as Hayate did when he first saw her back at the cafe.

“How? Kiy…” He was in the middle of his sentence until someone interrupted.

“Hayate didn’t check his mail box again.” A man with a hoodie over his head and mask covered half of his face walked in.

He walked and stood behind Masaaki, looked at the direction he was staring at and saw Kiyoko there.

“Who is she?” The man asked.

The gaze in Masaaki’s eyes quickly shifted to an ice cold glare.

“Hey girl, who are you? What are you doing here? Did you break in?” The man looked straight at her and asked.

Then he turned to Masaaki and asked, “Do you know her?”

“I don’t know who she is.” He answered.

Kiyoko looked at him. She swore that he was going to say her name just now until this man came in. Why was he saying that he didn’t know her now? What on earth was happening to both Hayate and Masaaki?

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